Proudly Based in Monaco

Homage to Monaco
Homage to the Princely Family
Homage to my family
Homage to Louis Testa – Ceramiste
Homage to art and music

The Pano Boutique is a classical showroom. It encompasses politics, art, and my personal space. If you explore the offerings of the Pano Boutique and find them appealing, you have made my day!

Idea of Pano The idea for the Pano Boutique originated with a simple product. I suddenly asked myself: Why stop at one product? Why not create a new label? A vision was born...

In developing our product range, we strive to keep it as simple as possible. By sourcing manufacturers in Europe, we avoid long transportation routes. When we mention "made in Europe," it goes beyond the final process and finishing touches – everything at Pano is handmade in Europe. All suppliers to Pano adhere to ethical and environmental standards concerning both human beings and the environment.

Our guiding philosophy: LESS IS MORE! As a result, transportation distances are minimized, allowing us to support our local economy, including our suppliers. We are consistently working to enhance our products through close collaboration with our suppliers. Currently, we are at the beginning of our adventure and are very curious about where this journey will lead us.

Let’s get it on!

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